Welcome to COMBATdb!

COMBATdb is a multi-omics database for the human blood response in SARS-CoV-2 infection generated by the COvid-19 Multi-omics Blood ATlas (COMBAT) Consortium. This includes COVID-19 patients with different disease severities, and key comparator groups to understand shared and specific features of the disease, through sampling healthy volunteers, patients with influenza and all-cause sepsis. COMBATdb houses all the resulting metadata and individual modality data including whole blood transcriptomics, B and T cell repertoire, single cell mass cytometry, single cell transcriptomics and proteomics, epigenomics, flow cytometry, plasma proteomics and other associated datasets. The database supports the functionalities of browsing, searching and visualising the datasets with clearly defined participant groups. COMBATdb houses the key processed data for each modality and differential abundance tables across a selection of comparator groups. In addition, it enables primary data analysis and integrative data analysis. R shiny apps enable the interactive calculation of group comparisons and offers real-time data visualisation with user-defined flexible options. Further interactive data visualisation is available at https://mlv.combat.ox.ac.uk/. We hope that COMBATdb will help maximise the value of these multi-omics datasets to gain biological insights into COVID-19 pathogenesis and drivers of disease severity as well as opportunities for multi-modal data integration.

COvid-19 Multi-omics Blood ATlas (COMBAT) Consortium. A blood atlas of COVID-19 defines hallmarks of disease severity and specificity. Cell. 2022; 185(5):916-938.e58. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2022.01.012

The diagram of all major sections and functionalities of COMBATdb